Monday, September 17, 2012

Plain Old Tuna

It has been a mom-guilt morning.

Although I love (LOVE LOVE LOVE) these cool mornings, I'm reminded today how days will be getting shorter and opportunities for fun during the day will be getting less and less.

I reflect on my weekend.

Did we play enough or did I clean too much?

Did we snuggle and read enough books or did we go to too many stores?

Did I focus on my favorite people or my homework.

Am I just wasting this time, this life of mine?

Has it been enough?  Am I enough.

This is a lot to think about by 7 a.m.

Then I made M's lunch.  Plain old tuna fish with crackers (and plums, bananas, cherry tomatoes from our garden, a pumpkin chip muffin, and water).  <---I added that last bit in case you were afraid she'd be hungry with just one measly lump of tuna.

As she left for the bus stop with her daddy it dawned on me that I forgot a dessert.  And then I thought of Pinterest and those moms who make their kids lunches look like pretend sushi or Princess Jasmine and I thought, "Poor M.  Stuck with a mom like me."  She is the most delightful of children and what did she get?  Plain old tuna and no dessert.

In my core I know I'm enough and I do enough and I love enough but some mornings, I just wish I could do more--be more.

Tomorrow, M get's two desserts.


  1. And that desire to be more, in your own way with the Lord's help, is what makes you a great mom. If we all keep trying to be better with the Lord as our guide, we'll always make it!

  2. You're a great mom! And if we go by the cute lunches and dessert packing, I'll fail every time. Gosh darn it.

    1. I decided to be awesome mom and put a dessert in Lillian's lunchbox yesterday.

      Except it was the only thing she ate. Even though she specifically requested all the other items in her lunch.

      Well, she also ate cupcakes because it was the teacher's birthday.


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