Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things I Love: NAUGHTY!

A waist is a terrible thing to mind and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Especially a dirty mind.

What can I say?  I'm a fan of sick, naughty humor.

Anything about farts can make me giggle.  Hysteria surrounds sharts.

I find the F word to be quite entertaining.  One day my kids will yell it at me like it's gonna break my heart but I'll probably laugh and high five them because, hey, I can totally handle F-Bomb rebellion.

Apparently my friends have picked up on my love of the naughty.  One of them posted this on my facebook page.

For someone like me who has a mature taste in the tasteless, somecards is pretty much the equivalent of cigarettes for a smoker.

My love for the naughtiness pretty much means I can lift my spirits anytime I go to

Here are some of my naughty faves (STOP HERE and don't read if language offends)

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

For the record, I pulled all of these off my Pinterest account. But please,
Source: via RJ on Pinterest


  1. I think this freedom that I sense in you to laugh at this stuff is one of the reasons I know we would have so much fun together. I love to throw lines out like this when its just Matt and I...and get a good laugh. And certain lucky friends! Hahah!

  2. Inappropriate humor is my favorite. And someecards? Pretty much makes my day all.the.time. I feel awkward around polite, mature, respectful people because I'm always scared I let an inappropriate word or joke slip out.

    1. Oh I've slipped up. Now my hubs can't be I'm politics.... Ha!


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