Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Work Out

I am a work out nut.

Correction.  Before I had surgery, summer hit, and I got walking pneumonia I was a workout nut.

But now I'm healed just fine, the prescription meds are kicking in, and I'm ready to get back into the school-year schedule by settling back into my workout craze.

Here's the thing.  Sometimes I don't want to workout but when I make myself, I feel incredible.  I feel endorphins and flexible, and crazy energized.  Working out makes me feel amazing.  I even love the "Delayed On Set of Muscle Soreness" (DOMS) that comes the next day.  When I hurt, I know I'm doing a good job and worked out hard.  That pain means my body is breaking down and building up.

Lately I haven't been able to hit the gym as much as I'd like.  I have workout videos, especially P90X (since I'm a grad!) but I get bored with those.

So I've been doing some POP PILATES.  This gals named Cassey Ho has a free workout website called BLOGILATES and she posts great pilates workouts, High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIITS), and single move song challenges (think about doing only squats to one song).

I love these videos because:

  1. They are free.  They are on the blog.  They are on YouTube.  They are full-length and free.  
  2. Cassey is really funny.  Sometimes I want to kill her when I'm really burning and I do get irritated with how often she says "OMG" (because I was the student who counted how often the teacher said, "Um".  I'm distractible like that).
  3. There are full body workouts and spot specific workouts.
  4. There are diet options (they are boring, though).
  5. Cassey is real.  She is NOT going to tell you that you can lose 15 in 5.  She is going to tell you to eat clean, to train hard, and to do cardio.  You might not agree with her diet decisions (some people claim she has an ED--she doesn't but her diet is limited for sure) but you can't disagree with her workout science.  If you want to lose weight, you have to eat better and work out.  End of story.
When I feel pressed for time, or lazy, here is the workout sequence I use.  Combined with my regular cardio and better eating, I'm seeing results.

Days 1 and 4 (30-40 minutes total)

 HIIT (10 minutes)

LEGS (these are 3 min each once you skip the mumbo jumbo)


ABS (10 min)

If you can, redo the HITT if you have time!

Days 2 and 5 (50 min total)


Arms/Abs/Legs (30 min)


Day 3 and 6 (30 min total)

Do intentional cardio that's fun--take kids for a walk, ride a bike, etc.

Do abs

Day 7

Rest and eat what you want.


  1. I seriously need to get back on the workout train.

    I loved the POP Pilates workouts that I have don though. They're awesome!

    1. You do POP Pilates with Don? So lucky :)


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