Monday, August 13, 2012



Think, camping with a gas stove and pop up camper. 

My family and I went glamping over the weekend.  It was great. 

It was just the 4 of us.  

There were steaks and s'mores and hikes and rock climbing.  There was a moose.

There were no phones or e-mails or iPods.

Matt smoked a cigar.  I finished reading a book by lantern light.  The kids got filthy--the kind of filthy that leaves tub marks in the tub even AFTER swimming in pool.  

I had to shower for like an hour to feel remotely clean (and I could still use another go).

I love these moments with my family--the kind of moments where you don't dare to take a photo because no picture of those two kids exploring the woods will ever be able to do justice to the memory of their hand-holding and smudged smiling-cheek faces.

I'm always amazed how refreshed I feel when I come home--filthy and short on sleep--from time in the wild with my family.

Bucket list.  Glamping.  Check.


  1. I'm not ready to brave camping yet with my 10 month old, but I sure could use a weekend away with no phones or electronics.

  2. I love glamping with my family. Although we do it without the pop up camper -- but still with the gas stove and heck, this year, we broke the no electronics rule and brought a white sheet, a laptop and a projector and watched movies under the stars. The kids loved that as much as I loved making smores!


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