Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Friday: Trends worth Tossing

I get pretty excited about new trends.  Just a couple weeks ago I shared my fedora love.

Some trends are worth trying. Some trends are worth tossing.

This week, here are some trends that I hate and think should be treated like the plague.


For no particular reason I hate this style.  It doesn't make you look fat.  It doesn't make you look short.  It just looks like you didn't learn your lesson in the 80s.  That's all.

Speaking of lessons we didn't learn from in the 80s ...neon. Really?  See my comment from the hi/low skirts about not learning our lesson.

Feathers? I'm so NOT on board with anything that causes me to be compared to a farm animal.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

NAVAJO PRINT--so cliche it's cliche

I get it. You are crafty but please, don't wear clothing you knit. Or quilt. Leave that for your pots to sit on and your toaster to cover up with.


  1. When we were in Denver I kept asking Khale what he thought of the high-low hemline and he was all "please don't ever buy something like that." I think they look kinda cool when you're walking because of how they billow but unless you're going to be doing a powerwalking marathon, they look weird.

    Also, why didn't we learn the cropped shirt look isn't okay? I remember being a kid and thinking people in cropped shirts looked fat and frumpy and couldn't understand then why people were wearing them. And I was five. If a five year old thinks it looks bad, it's pretty darn bad.

    1. I like crop shirts but only for working out. High low skirts ...puke!

  2. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw neon in the stores. I'm with you, it was bad enough the first time around!

  3. I'm knitting this:

    Does that count in the "don't wear" list? If so I'll repurpose the yarn. :-p


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