Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Friday: Trends to Try

Last week I shared 5 trends I think should be tossed including: high/low skirts, feathers, knitted items, neon, and Navajo print.

This week, here some fall trends I think you should try!


Red always makes a fall comeback as burgandy or blood but this fall, the color combo to watch is Blue and Black!

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

TARTAN (aka: plaid, school girl)

KNEE HIGH BOOTS and DESTROYED DENIM--Denim will be ripped, bleached, frayed ... and not just jeans. Be on the look out for destroyed denim jackets and shirts, too.

LOW SIDE PONY--Because it's that simple.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

HOUND'S TOOTH--always classic and classy

ORNATE--super detailed coats, shirts, dresses and definitely jewelry will appear (some Baroque will come out but that will be too impractical for anyone NOT on a runway).

  • A revival of modern gothic or "oriental" flare
  • Hard case hand bags
  • More straight lines and less frill
  • Various shades of red
  • Grey as a power neutral
  • Hats, hats, and more hats
  • Scarves as a signature accessory
So any new trends catch your eye?  Any you wish would disappear?

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  1. I don't keep up with the trends at all. I just buy my random jeans and tshirts and be on my way. I wish I had it in me (and the $$) to dress a little better, but at least I don't belong on 'What Not To Wear'. I do love the blue/black combo and the low side ponytail though. So class and elegant.


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