Friday, August 3, 2012

Date Night {OUT}: Seize the Carp!

Fun Fact:  When I was grossly underage I got a tattoo ... from a guy now serving prison time for killing a college-aged young lady.

Not my best decision.

But I did get a frog jumping over the words "Carpe Diem"(seize the day for those who don't like Latin.  Or Yolo if you are under 20) tattooed on my lower back.  PSA: this location is ill-advised if you are ever going to age past 20 and get anything that might slightly resemble a muffin top.

Seize the Day.

Sometimes when it comes to love, you just have to be a yes person.  You just have to seize the opportunities today.  You have to carpe the hell out of your diem.

So that is exactly what we did.

Yes, we could have had an elaborate date plan {which we often do}.

Yes we could have gone somewhere fancy for dinner or made out danced under the stars at the park.

But the carnival was in town.  So we seized an opportunity to put on our cowboy boots, drink beer, eat funnel cake, and ride the Zipper.

In the end, the best part of dating isn't being boxed in by someone else's vision of "the perfect date."  It's being able to enjoy this moment with someone so precious that every moment feels like the perfect one.

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  1. Sounds like a blast to me! One of my favorite dates with my husband is heading to Target to go on a scavenger hunt!


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