Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Love: That Summer Song

I'm a music lover.

Shocking, I know.

There are many things I love about music but one thing I've always loved is the way a good song can just transport you to another time.  The way it can dredge up memories and feelings--how it can make hearts glow or tears flow.

For me there is one and only one ultimate summer song.

On Monday I was driving back from visiting a friend at the hospital when my summer song came on.  

I got this euphoric feeling where I was whisked back to a hot summer of tubing behind the Jus-T-Nuf on lake Michigan ... to early morning croquet matches with John and Martin ... to walking the long, long way to Lauren's house, past Jason Polano's house, just to see if he was outside ... to watching Father of the Bride over and over when the late afternoon sun made outside unbearable ... to changing the words of the song to tease my cousin.

My cousin.  


That euphoria vanished and I was overcome with this heartache that these memories were 19 years old ... and she's been gone for 15 of those years.

That summer song--it sends me soaring on the clouds of happy memories and keeps me grounded in reality that these days ... these summer days are like life ... too short to not enjoy.

That's why I love music ... especially this song.  My summer song.

And in honor of Jenny ... Jeeennnny, Jenny baby ... Jeeennny can you come out tonight?

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