Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things I Love: Art for a Cause

There was this amazing couple who used to go to our church (but moved--boo hiss!).  They have a heart for people--all people.  Any people.  This couple are the sort of folks who pick up hitchhikers and get them food and a warm place to stay.

Being around folks like this make me on fire and that is how I know the power of living LIKE Jesus because other people can and do see Him in you!

Anyhow, the wife half of this couple really has a heart to stop human trafficking and oppression.  And while we would likely all get on board with the concept, few of us actually do something about it.  I'm mean, it's just easier to eat sugar without wondering if a slave worked the cane farm or to buy our kids a Disney princess dresses without realizing some other 6 year old girl probably made it.

But not Heather and the folks behind The Canvas Story.

If you click the link above and check out their page, you'll learn that the mission and vision of The Canvas Story is simple:

Our Mission: Cultivating creative ways to combat human trafficking. Through our collective abilities,  passions and opportunities, we will research and execute strategies to bring freedom to victims of severe abuse/slavery.
Our Vision: To See individuals find healing and restoration from abuse, and to then help them pass that gift to someone else. To lower the demand for trafficking through raising awareness of the problem and cultivating solutions.
They encourage small steps, such as The 90 Day Challenge exchange one product you use (coffee, tea, etc.) for a fair trade/slavery-free option for 90 days help promote a public demand for ethically created products.

They also sell artwork to fundraise and support various projects

You could buy this and support a good cause.  Good decor+good cause=winning!

I love The Canvas Story!  


  1. I love people and posts like this. I've recently come to Christ and my eyes have been opened to so many and so much. I'm not sure I could ever be like these people you write about, but I certainly am interested in reading about them. Thank you for sharing this!


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