Monday, July 2, 2012

Music Monday: Alex Clare

Have you met Alex yet?  No? Well then, let me introduce you.

Where is the ME in Mommy? reader, Alex Clare.

Now those awkward introductions are finished you can move right into awkward, forced conversation.

"So Alex, what do you do?"

I'm a singer and songwriter.

"Oh ya, and where are you from?"


"Goodness, I love London.  Except for the hotel rooms.  What's up with the twin beds?"

I hardly know.

"So, what kind of music do you write/sing?"

Soul, dubstep, a bit of electronica.  You know, all sounds awesome.  Why don't you just give me a listen?

(P.S.  I totally took creative license with Alex's role. I don't really know him or what he'd have to say but I'm certain he'd love me.  And you.  But mostly me.)

Too Close (my fave!)

Up All Night (don't blame me if you're up all night listening to this one!)

"Geez, that was so great.  Where can I learn more?"

You can check out my webpage 

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