Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion Friday: Fedora

Fedoras: Not just for old men.

My mom used to always tell me how lucky I was because I can pull off hats.  Any hats.  Cowboy hats. Beanies.  Sombreros.  I'm kind of a hat person.

So I'm particularly happy with this whole fedora hat trend.

See.  Don't I look happy in my fedora (and my scuba gear)?

My husband likes to borrow the fedora as well. Sharing accessories with my husband is pretty awesome.

Fedora wearing.  We're in good company.

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

How to ROCK the fedora.

Source: Uploaded by user via RJ on Pinterest

Hip, Hip, HOORAY for confiscating old styles and making them hot again (except for neon. I don't get why that's back. But I digress ...)


  1. Now I know why you were pinning up a fedora storm the other day. :)

    I'm a baseball hat kind of girl but maybe one day I'll try and pull off a fedora.

  2. I love hats! My friend got me a fedora for my birthday, and I haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet. Thanks!!


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