Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Days of Play: Marshmallow Poppers (and a fun story)

So here's the story.

When M.E. was born my husband was a staff attorney for three judges, one of whom purchased this lamb/blanket toy for her arrival.  His grandson's favorite toy was the blanket lamb and the judge figured our daughter would love it.

She didn't.

When she was three I finally gave up trying to convince her of the cute cuddliness and passed it along to some lucky kid with better taste in blanket lambs.

While M.E. did not enjoy the toy, she always was fascinated with the box it came it.  The toy was from Red Envelope so of course it came in a red box.  6 years later, we still have that darn box.  Right now it serves as a baby bed/time out chair for our cat.

Funny how kids use the stuff we'd throw away and make great things out of it.

Lucky for me, I like to play with stuff to throw away too.  So when I read this Real Simple article on Toys You Can Make  (<--click the link to read the article and get popper directions) I was thrilled--especially with the marshmallow popper.  After all, I had just thrown a fiesta for Matt and had left over red solo cups (please sing the song ... NOW!).

Anyhow, I made two poppers for the kids and we ran around the house shooting each other with mini marshmallows.  Let me tell you, when you get to eat the weapon that "kills" you, it's a pretty good deal.

Photo from REAL SIMPLE 
Party cups + balloons + mini marshmallows=Big Fun (and an totally delicious but not at all healthy snack).

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  1. Kids and their toys. Right now Lil is way more interested in making her own play money using old checkbooks and paper than she is with playing with her actual cash register and fake money it came with. :)

    We did something similar a few months ago when we had left over mini marshmallows. Except, we kind of just threw them at each other. The poppers look like they would make it even more fun!


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