Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I Love: Damn Good Food

Yes that's right.  I love to eat.

I love to eat sweet things and salty things and savory things.  I love American and Mexican and Asian.  I eat meat and veggies and quinoa.

I love to eat.

By default, this means I love damn good food.

I bet you are thinking I'm going to go on and on about how much I love my fave food blog, Frontier Kitchen.  True, I do love that site.  But you are wrong.  Today I'm telling you how much I love Damn Good Food.

You caught me.  Damn Good Food is Frontier Kitchen with a catchier, edgier name.  I love the name change.  Now, since this blog is brought to you by one of my BFFs, I can tell you that the name change has come with a bit of controversy.  Apparently "damn" is too risque.  Seriously, people have unfollowed the blog because of "damn" (at this point I'd like to say F*%$ or S!@& but I won't.  It isn't classy).

Despite the damn name drama, I must admit the new blog name suits the site and the food so much better for these reasons:

1.  Although our town used to be on the plains of WY, we are now the biggest city in our state.  It hardly has a "frontier" feel.

2.  I've been in Sarah's kitchen.  There's nothing rustic or "frontier-y" about it.  It's very sleek and modern.  She's hardly roughing it.  Seriously, even her grill has a charcoal or gas option.  No open fires.  Last time she made me dinner she made s'mores in the oven (with peanut butter cups!  Hello, brilliant!).  Nope. Not roughing it.

3.  The food cooked in said kitchen is damn good.  There's no other way to describe it.  Her recipes aren't pretentious and self-important.  She makes real food for real people with a zero tolerance policy on casseroles.

Congrats on the name change, Sarah.  I'm going to continue following your damn blog with it's awesome damn name and it's mission to bring Damn Good Food to the masses.

Damn, venting this felt good.  Now, how about some damn good steaks for Father's Day?


  1. Aw, thanks for fun surprise when I visited your blog this morning.

    I appreciate all the love! It seriously means so much to know I have support from you. You know, since you've probably eaten more of my recipes than anyone else besides my family. :)

    1. It's an honor having a good friend who is also a good cook :)


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