Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I Love: Baked Beans

Have you seen the SNL skit where the girl is all "I love me some baked beans?"  I'd post it here to show it to you but SNL isn't into skit sharing.  Who can blame them.

Anyhow, Matt quotes "I love me some baked beans" about 872 times a summer ... one for each time I eat a serving of baked beans.

I don't know what it is about baked beans but I really do love them.  I don't care if they are made at home or from a can (so long as they are vegetarian)--I love them.  I love them hot and cold.  I love to dip chicken in them.  I'd probably attempt a baked bean sandwich if my husband wouldn't give me that "maybe she needs to be committed" look.

Baked beans.  I love them.

If posting this made you think of the "Beans, beans the magical fruit" song, you owe me a comment.


  1. Bleh..I do not like baked beans:)

  2. My mom served baked beans all the time in the Summer when I was a kiddo. For whatever reason, I've never really been a fan. I'm just a weird like that.

    Btw, I'm really sad Kristin Wigg is gone from SNL. That lady is hilarious. But I guess that means more hilarious movies, right? :)


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