Friday, June 15, 2012

Fitted Blazers v. Yoga Pants. A Truce?

So,  I've been reading a mom-blog ever since ... well ... I can't remember how long.  That's how long I've been reading it.

Want to know why I read it?  Because I identify with the mom/wife/woman behind the blog.  She's real in a "my kids are driving me crazy," "I'm crying because I missed something big," and "You should hear my love story" kind of way.  Shell at Things I Can't Say is amazing.  I'm a loyal follower.

Well guess what?  Shell invited (yes, invited.  I did not stalk her and force this) me to be write a guest post for her blog so if you want to hear my thoughts on Fitted Blazers v. Yoga pants, head to her site.

It feels pretty good to spill it on someone else's blog.

Plus, now I to show off a new button!

Oh ya--I'm totally being featured on Things They Can't Say!



  1. Read it. Loved it. Good job.

    Now I suppose I should go shower and get out of my satin robe. :)

  2. Thanks for guest posting for me! I was out of town, so sorry for being late here!


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