Friday, June 29, 2012

Fashion Friday: Summer Trends I Love

Ahhhh, summer.  The time where life should slow down but instead it speeds up to an intense rate of "live life to the fullest as fast as damn possible because we only have three months".  At least it's fun.

Summer fashion.  I love the simplicity of summer styles.  Here are some of my favorite trends for summer 2012.


Summer dresses with boots? Scarves with shorts?  Dresses with dark tights? Yes, please!

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

Source: via RJ on Pinterest


It's been hot for a few summers now and then trend is not ending. White. Embrace the awesomeness.

Source: via RJ on Pinterest


Stripes are so in right now--especially if they are navy!

Source: via RJ on Pinterest

Other trends I'm loving:

  • Stacked bracelets
  • Big bags
  • nearly-strapless sandals

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