Friday, June 1, 2012

{Family} Date Night In: Camping

Today was the last day of school for our daughter!


I'm so ready to not rush our mornings and hustle to this place and that.  I'm so ready to find splendor in the small things, like this bird's nest we found in a nearby tree.  Welcome, summer.  Welcome.

As a family, we want to celebrate the end of a school year and so we are doing a family date.  The theme: camping!

There are some die-hard campers out there who will camp out when it still gets into the 40s.  Normally, we are a part of that group.  But given my recent surgery (which limits where I can sleep and how far I can walk) and our recent recovery from a family-wide head cold, our camping will be taking place indoors.

That's right.

We are pitching a tent in the basement family room.

We are filling it with every available pillow and blanket in the house.

We are going to toast (all beef) hot dogs over a fire.

We are going to go for a "hike" around the neighborhood.

We are going to make s'mores.

We are going to tell silly stories in the tent before bedtime by the light of our headlamps (because, like I said, we are the die-hards.  Die hards don't use flashlights.  Flashlights are for amateurs).  

We are doing a family date.  Camping.  In the basement. Friday night.

You should too.

Family dates like this require minimal effort but result in maximum fun (and maximum fun=memories).

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