Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days of Play: Soap Clouds

I'm generally a darn good playmate for my kids.  Cars, trains, babies, Barbies ... you name it and I'm game for some fun.  This is especially true of crafty, muddy, icky fun.  From their reactions, my kids like to play with me.

At least until there is a better option.

This week my niece is visiting so my kids have gone from "will you play with me mom?' to "who is this 'mom' you keep speaking of?"  **Sigh**

Oh well, at least I'm getting some work done and some fun reading in.

I did try to engage the kids in some play this morning.  I gave them each their own bar of Ivory soap to make soap clouds with.

My grand idea: They'd watch the clouds form, we crush them to bits, and we'd make red/white/blue soaps for everyone.

How it actually played out: They watched the clouds form, crushed the clouds to bits in 30 seconds, and ran off to play on the swing set.

I decided to make soap molds myself and went inside to get the food coloring.  18 seconds later I emerged from the house to find my son dousing the bowl of soap flakes (now soap soup) with the hose.

Soap Clouds were an epic fail at our house today BUT the kids generally get a kick out of watching them form.

If you have a bar of Ivory soap, pop it in the microwave for 1 minute.  It's fun.

**Warning, Warning, Warning** (Btw, when I say that three times I really think you should read what is next).


If you want more information on Soap Cloud awesomeness (and how to make molded soaps from the mess), click here.

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