Friday, June 22, 2012

Date Night {OUT}: Mother/Son, Father/Daughter

Last week Matt and I went out on dates with other people.  Don't worry, this is not scandalous.

You see, we have a beautiful little girl who just loves her daddy and whenever Matt and I are going on a date she likes to watch me get dolled up and ask questions about my level of excitement and the level of fanciness.  It's adorable.

So, Matt asked her out on a date.

We also have this son who, well, he's pretty oblivious to the whole dating scene and I'm pretty sure he's never noticed Matt and I getting dressed for a date BUT I think he's handsome and a real catch and I wanted to spend time with him.

So I asked him out on a date.

For their date, Matt planned everything.  He picked a fancy Italian restaurant and the evening's activities (going to a bookstore for a new book and out for ice cream).  Our daughter DID pick out his and hers matching outfits.  Aren't they sweet?

Ready for their "fancy" date

He's more of an active dater

Butterscotch ice cream. Mac-n-cheese.  The kid has a thing for orange foods.
Our date was a bit more adventurous.  It started at Arby's because my date wanted Mac-n-cheese (sigh).  Don't worry, I'll work on that before he asks out your kids.  We did eat in a park so at least the ambiance was good.  After dinner we played a round of mini-golf and then went out for ice cream. I think he had a good time.

This week, plan a special "date" night with your kids.  Memory makers, people.  Memory makers.


  1. Great idea! Looks like they had so much fun!

  2. Aw that's so fun! I loved going on dates with my parents. Lillian and Khale have a cute little date tradition - once a month they go out and get breakfast together somewhere. She always has to pick out whatever dress she considers to be her fanciest too. :)

  3. That's a sweet idea! I'd accompany your boy on a date anytime. I looove Arby's!


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