Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday: Thriving Ivory

I went through a music phase where I loved Indie Rock. Oh wait, I'm still going through that phase.

I know I've spent the last three weeks highlighting Indie Folk and while I dig that sound, Indie rock will always have my heart. Well, at least through my thirties.

Anyhow, Thriving Ivory is one of those great Indie Rock bands that doesn't get the attention it should because mainstream music listeners have been deluded into believing Beyonce and Justin Bieber are as good as music gets.

That caustic digression aside, this band is soooo good but my love affair with The Airborne Toxic Event kind of made me overlook them for a while. However, a few weeks ago my friend Sarah M. reminded me about Thriving Ivory. So I cued up the iPod and put my musical soul at ease to a few of their songs.

Angels on the Moon (an oldie but a goodie)

 Where We Belong

 Hey Lady



  1. I keep meaning to ask you if you've ever heard of a band called "You, Me, & Apollo"? It's actually a one man show, and I think he sounds pretty rad. He's the son of my youth pastor in high school. You should check him out:)


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