Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday: Color Block

Spring fashion is majoring in BOLD colors.  Alone this looks like bright yellow jeans paired with navy striped tops and hot pink jewelry.  But one new trend is to put these bold colors together a la 1960s.

Called "COLOR BLOCKS" these combos are shocking yet chic.

Orange, pink, and white

Classic Black, white and red

Blue, red, and yellow

If you don't want to buy a signature "color block" piece, DON'T! Look in your closet and pair whatever colors you've got!

 Red pants + Blue top

White shorts+red long sleeved T + blue and white stripes
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Denim capris + yellow sweater + orange coat

Of course you could always do something subtle with your lipstick.

Maybe not.

However you do it, enjoy the colors! These bright, bold colors will leave us soon so wear them while you can!

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