Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday: The xx

English Indie Pop.

Seriously, that's all I should have to say and you should be all, "ohh, fun."

The xx is actually an older band (from clear back in 2005!) and if you listen to Rihanna (like my husband does.  Vomit), then you've probably heard some of their music playing in the background.  I've had The xx album on our iTunes for over a year but somehow Matt just heard it.  He thinks the sound is perfect for massage/sexy time.  He's wondering where this band has been all his life.  Well, maybe not but he does like them.

Do you?

Heart Skipped a Beat (my fave!)

 Crystalized (probably their most famous)


 Islands (fun and poppy and hey, I want to be on an island)


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  1. I do not listen to Rhianna... in other news this blog post contains inaccurate information for which you may be liable for damages in a court of law. If you do not cease and desist in defaming your husband immediately and correct the misinformation, he will sue your cute little a#$.

    And please to not mention Katy Perry either.


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