Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday: Bad Books

In general, I really hate bad books.  The Scarlet Letter?  Vomit.  The Red Badge of Courage? Skip it.  Moby Dick?  I don't care how many people call it a classic, I still think it sucks *bleeeeeep*.

Lucky for you, I'm not asking your to reminisce the horrible books you've read.  Where bad books, literature wise, are frustrating, The Bad Books-musically speaking--are an incredible American Indie band formed in 2010.  This band has a similar sound to Manchester Orchestra (have I introduced them to you yet?  Hmmm.... anyhoo, the lead of Manchester Orchestra is in Bad Books so it makes sense that the style is similar), Bon Iver, and The Airborne Toxic Event.  Really their music is Folk/Americana/Melodramatic.

If you want to check out some free music, head to The Bad Books' MySpace page (because MySpace still exists ...).

Or hear them here (and if you like them, go buy their tunes on iTunes).

You Wouldn't Have to Ask

 I Begged You Everything


I'm Not Ready to Forgive You


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