Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I Love: Small Appliances

Yes, yes, yes.  I am susceptible to loving small appliances that I probably don't need but like to have despite the fact that they totally clutter my kitchen cabinets.

Onion choppers and mandolins and 15 different sets of mixing bowls and measuring spoons ... I'm basically a sucker in a kitchen shop.

But, there are three small appliances that have been worth the money, honey!

Kitchen Aide Mixer:
Photo Source

I got one of these babies as a wedding gift and, hands down, I would forsake most items in my kitchen before getting rid of this!  It kneads dough, shred chicken, mixes brownies ...  I pretty much LOVE it!

Cuisinart Food Processor
Photo Source
I just got this for Christmas from my mother-in-law.  She's brilliant!  It's a veggie chopping, hummus making, cheese shredding little miracle.

Magic Bullet
Photo Source
Honestly when I first saw an informercial for one of these I thought it was a gimmick (and not just because it sounds like a sex toy).  I didn't buy one.   BUT last summer at a garage sale I found one cheap and decided to give it a go.  So glad I did.  I'm kinda of a smoothie addict and this sucker blends, pulverizes, and grinds my smoothies to yummy perfection.

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