Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday: Walk The Moon

For my birthday Matt got me tickets to the sold out Young the Giant show in Denver.  I nearly died.  But I didn't which is good because it'd be a real shame to die BEFORE seeing one of your current band obsessions live ... right?

One more total side note--Cough Syrup by Young the Giant was featured on Glee (Blain was singing it while Krofsky attempted suicide).  So happy to hear that song and SO happy with that episode.  I continue to love Glee.

I was going somewhere with this.  Where?

Um ... oh ya, the concert.  Okay, so this cool indie-rock band opened for Young the Giant.  The band was called Walk the Moon.  They were so freaking amazing.  I've never expected so much awesomeness from Ohio (because let's face it, Glee--although based in Ohio--isn't actually about Ohio).  Walk the Moon did not disappoint.  Having a great opening band before the band you actually paid to see is sort of a bonus.

Anyhow, here is Anna Sun--a song symbolizing youth.  Crazy random video. It makes me happy.

Lisa Baby (this one was my fave live one!)


  1. Love this band!! Just found a video they put together with some live footage and interviews :) Check it out:

  2. Great post! Have you heard their acoustic version of "Tightrope"? To die for.


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