Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday: Hunger Games Soundtrack

So, who went to the Hunger Games?

Did you like?  Did you hate?

The hubs and I went to the show we several other couples and afterwards, the ladies went for drinks and chick-chat.  The overwhelming movie review was that we liked it.  Katniss was a good cast.  Peeta's character was more meek and mousey than in the book.  And the cave scene was too short.

But since no film adaptation can ever capture the goodness that are books (which is why you should ALWAYS read the book), I'm willing to overlook Madge getting slighted and Haymitch not being as drunk as often.

I'd recommend watching it if you haven't already.

I tend to be a big fan of movie soundtracks and the Hunger Game soundtrack was no exception.  To be honest, when my friend Sarah told me Taylor Swift had two songs on it, I threw up a little.  Then I had to eat crow because I listened to the songs and it turns out, they are pretty darn good.  {Check outside--there must be pigs flying}.

Another friend gave me the whole soundtrack and it is an eclectic mix of the mournful bluegrass of Civil war and alt-indie sounds of Arcade Fire and The Decemberists.  I'm pretty happy about the whole thing.

Give it a listen!

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift (This song reminds me of a foggy, rainy morning).

 Lover is Childlike by Low Anthem


 Tomorrow will be Kinder By the Secret Sisters (hello, blue grass)

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