Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Days of Play: Magic Numbers

I've been doing lots of math posts lately.  I'm not sure if this is to help my daughter with her math skills or if it is to help me brush up on my math skills before she starts to learn about fractions (which, by the way, happens before 2nd grade here.   What?!).

When I was a kid we played car games.  I know what you are thinking--we played car games because we didn't have dvd players in the car.  But you are wrong. My mom had this plush conversion van with a TV in it, captains seats, a bed in the back ... of course we moved about the van freely because in the early 80s no one cared about seat belts.  Seat belts, sheet belts ... psh.  One time, that TV fell out of its place and landed on my chest.  This might be why I need a boob job ...

Okay, car games.  Anyhow, today's intentional play is perfect for the car AND can be used with older and younger kids.

To play, pick a number any number.  That number is your "magic" number.  Now, give your child(ren) a clue.  "My magic number is between 1-10."  Let them guess.  If the guess is right, it is your kiddo's turn.  If the guess is wrong, give another clue.  "My number is even." Repeat process.

For little kids (like my nearly 3 year old), you can keep this simple, "My magic number is between 1 and three."

For older kids make it a bit more challenging: My number is a prime number.  My number is greater than 17 but less than 34.  My number is a multiple of 2.  My number is divisible by 9.  You catch my drift.

Have fun playing magic numbers :)

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