Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Days of Play: Card Math

Is anyone else a little freaked out by how much math kids know at a young age?  Seriously, I'm pretty sure math and subtraction started in first and second grade but my kindergartner is doing math problems like crazy.  At this rate I'll be teaching her about fractions by fonduing next year.  

A bit overwhelming.

As much as possible I like to compliment and support what my girl is doing at school.  Thus, card math.

What you need: A deck of cards with jokers and face cards removed and a large playing space.

To Play:

Spread the cards out all over a table.  Pick one card (for instance, a 7 of hearts).  Now, have your child find other cards whose sum would be seven (a 3 and a 4; a 6 and a 1; a 5 and a 2, etc.).  

With older kids you can modify this by using subtraction, division, multiplication, etc.  For instance, pick a 7 and a 2 and have them be 72.  What numbers multiplied equal 72?  If you can't remember it's okay.  You are a parent.  Kid fog takes away math abilities.  

To modify for younger children, have kids match numbers.  You pick a 2, they find another 2. 

Math can be fun. 

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