Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Think About: Sexpresso

Yesterday my husband sent me a link to a news article to read. (<--Click that link to see the article) In it, he called this a "possible business venture."  So, I clicked the link and behold, a scantily clad Le Cafe owner is causing a problems because she likes to serve drinks in barely there outfits (FYI--There is ZERO possibility in this being a business venture for me!).

Here's one of the tamer offending outfits.
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Anyhow, this cafe owner is practically becoming a celebrity in her neck of the Italian woods ... but not every one is happy about it.  And when I say "every one," I mean women.  In fact, the women in her refusing to let their partners go to Le Cafe for a drink.

This sort of news story always gets me.

For starters, how is this news again?  I mean, she's wearing more clothing than women on the beach AND she's 34 which isn't under age so I don't get why this is such a shock.  Plus, she does work in a bar (which is not exactly a beacon of morals to begin with).  So we have dirty politics, inflation, unemployment, war, disease, poverty, and a sexy bar maid.  How is this news again?

Secondly, really?  I mean on one hand you have to give this woman some credit.  Talk about brilliant advertising.  But on the other hand, does a "really" brilliant and successful woman have to show her breasts to be successful?  I don't know.  Let's ask Hillary Clinton, Irene Rosenfeld (CEO of Kraft) or my mother.  Yes, I do think I could get some sort of skeezy business off the ground in my town if I hired young, ample breasted women to strut their stuff but in the end, I prefer to be successful based on my hard work and abilities.  Not my ass{ets}.

I could insert some sort of diatribe here on the sexualization of women but I won't.  I'll save that for a whole other week.  Stay tuned (and you're welcome).

Finally, I love the power play of women folk not letting their menfolk go to this bar.  I guess this is on par with not letting your man go to a strip club.  Or walk past a Victoria's Secret store.  Or go to the beach.  Or turn on the TV. Or watch a movie.  Aren't there half-naked women everywhere?  I'd feel like a real hypocrite saying, "you can't get a beer from a girl in a low cut shirt but how about we go to Cabo--even though that means we'll be sharing the sand with 20-somethings in thongs ..."

What I think is that if Matt wanted to go to this place I would NOT go with him.  But I wouldn't fight him on it either.  I guess I'm lucky that I married the sort of guy who does not go to Hooters because HE thinks it is degrading.  But would I ban?  Nope.  I have enough confidence in him and our marriage to know that one barmaid's breasts aren't going to ruin anything.

What do you think?  Would your let your significant other go to this bar? Are the women jealous or on the right track?

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  1. Hey, she's exploiting what marketing execs have known for years--sex sells. At least she's doing it on her own terms.

    But I, for one, would not want to be served anything by anyone who has had their hands down the back of their pants...

  2. I agree with you! I know that Chris would probably be more appalled than me. If that's how she wants to run her business, fine by me, just don't expect me to be a customer.

    -Sarah M.

  3. The women are jealous and possessive. Like you, I married a man who would not go someplace that he felt degraded women. And I definitely don't think it does anything more than drive up her business and make her more attractive to 'forbid' them from going. So, what, you're your husband's mother now? He's not all grown up?

  4. I can't imagine banning my husband would work.

    I'm not really a fan of these sorts of places... I won't go to Hooters,either. Even though they have amazing cheese fries. Hubs will get those from the takeout spot for us. But, we don't eat there.

    Yet, we live by the beach and see much more... but somehow, I guess it's the location that makes the difference for me. Bikinis on the beach make sense. Body parts in your face while eating/drinking doesn't. Not to me.

  5. My fiance probably wouldn't go somewhere like that. While I'm sure he doesn't mind the cheerleaders during the Cowboys games, there is something about it being so in your face that turns him off. And that is fine by me!


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