Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I Love: Growing Older

Today is Ground Hog's Day.  For most of you, that means nothing except that a ball of hair is either gonna make your day by saying Spring is coming early or make you want to fry him up for dinner by saying winter is staying longer.  For me, it means adding another year to my age.

I know some people who want to hide from their birthdays and pretend they aren't getting older.  As for me, I'm so grateful for one more year.  What a pleasure it is to look back and see how I'm not who I once was.  Each year I'm being made new--more compassionate, more patient, more disciplined, more affectionate ... more.

Sure there's more of me too.  More wrinkles on my forehead.  More cellulite on by butthigh.  More blond peach-fuzz on my upper lip.  More.

In the end, though, I'll take the the "growing older" badges of honor with pleasure because crow eyes have nothing on a lifetime of laughter and wrinkles can't diminish wisdom earned (sometimes the hard way) and fuzzy lips can't stop a smile and cellulite ... can be hidden by a good pair of Miss Me jeans.

So as I climb the hill every so slowly, one year at a time, I'm determined to do so with grace and humility--being grateful for a life well lived.  Each day. Each year.

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