Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday: The Naked and Famous

Clearly this post has nothing to do with me.  Seriously, being naked and famous are two states of being to which I never aspire.  If I could shower fully clothed without being deemed worthy of a straight jacket, I totally would.

The Naked and Famous (again, not me) are an indie band from New Zealand.  Complete side note, my husband would love to move to New Zealand because of the lack of snakes.  He's so afraid of snakes he'd move to another country.  Actually, he's so afraid of snakes that if he was out watering trees at his parents house with his girlfriend of a year and a bull snake came slithering along, he'd throw said girlfriend toward the snake and take off running and screaming into the house.  But that's a whole different story. And I still married him :)

Off topic . . .  again.

The Naked and Famous--what can I say?  Great music!  Listen.  Love.  Buy!

Young Blood (Super popular right now!)

Punching In a Dream

 Girls Like You (my fave!)

If you are a Naked and Famous fan and you live in Colorado then you should know that The Naked and Famous will be performing in Denver. If you buy me a ticket I'll be your concert friend. I'll even let you buy me a concert T.

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