Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fashion: Color Trend Alert!

As I plunk away at my Mac keys my town is under a winter storm watch.  Brrrr.  As such, I've decided to do something entirely optimistic on my part ...  Think about Spring.

Spring (n.)--God's way of reminding us He makes all things new.  

Honestly, I prefer Fall and Winter {gasp} but Spring is just so positively ... springy.  One can't help but look forward to new shoots of green grass reaching upwards to the sun and robins announcing sunrise from the tree branches.  New beginnings--it's like a breath of fresh air after leaving a smoke shop.

Enough of the poetics (I know I had you at "smoke shop").

All this "it's almost spring" thinking inspired me to share this spring's color trend alert.  Are you ready for this?

It's sea foam green and coral!  (does this remind anyone else of 1990?  Oh good.)

Coral is bold without being garish.  Sea foam is pretty and pastel without being preschool.  Worn separately with neutrals, this is a surprise splash of color.  Worn together, it's a little bit of heaven.

Source: via Reagan on Pinterest
Source: via Reagan on Pinterest
Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

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  1. OK I seriously love all these combos! I would wear every single outfit!!

    Natasha ~


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