Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Days of Play: More or Less

Number recognition is important for kids in preschool and elementary school.  This game helps children identify numbers AND determine if a number is "more" or "less".

All you need to play is a deck of cards with face cards removed.

Deal the cards so each person has the same amount.  Now, count to three and flip the cards over.  Have your child tell you what cards are faced up (a 6 and a 2, for example).  Once your child has identified the numbers, ask which is more (a 6) and which is less (a 2).

If you want this to be a competition, decide that whoever has the "more" card takes the pile.  At the end, count who has the most cards and that person "wins."

To make this easier for younger children:

  • count together
  • play red/black to help them identify colors
To make this harder for older children:
  • Have children add the cards together 
  • Have children subtract the cards
  • Have children multiply/divide the cards
  • Have children turn cards into fractions (add a 1 over the card so 2 becomes 1/2 and 8 becomes 1/8).  Then determine which card is more/less.
Whatever you do, have fun.  So many kids have math anxiety; this is a great way to encourage a love of math!

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