Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Think About: Boob Jobs

Within the realm of my schooling I take a lot of classes on human sexuality and feminism and queer studies.  Last semester, in a human sexuality class, the professor asked about genital manipulation (code: boob jobs).

Oh my goodness, the backlash! Girls were stating how breast augmentation sets the feminist movement back to the Victorian Age and how sexualized commercialization of the body is oppressive to women and makes us "think" we need bigger breasts and how women who augment their breasts are further feeding into this mindset that women need to measure up to airbrushed models ...

Being the critical person I am, I shared a profound truth with these women.  If money was no issue, I would have my breasts augmented.  There. I said it.  I would have a boob job.

Do I hear crickets?

I shared my reasoning with these gals.  I'm a reasonably healthy and fit woman.  I've never had large breasts (or really breasts at all without the help of my padded Body by Victorias).  I can't exercise my way into larger boobs (though I did my fair share of "we must, we must, we must develop our bust" exercises when I was 11).  Though I work to keep my body healthy and fit, I'm unhappy with my breasts.  This makes me self-conscious with my husband (who, by the way, thinks the girls are perfect and can't wait to get his hands on them).  This was further complicated by breast feeding two kids which somehow managed to make my barely-theres sag!  Ug.  So, if I could, I would get my breasts enlarged.

Well, this brought about conversations about how if surgery would help my self-image, then it's okay.  If surgery is for medical reasons (cancer, post breast feeing sagginess) then it's okay.  If it will help sex partners enjoy the act more then it's okay.

What I wanted them to know--what I want you to know--is that the reason shouldn't matter!

Sure, over-sized breasts on TV and magazine ads can give us a skewed vision of what bodies should be. But so can other people telling what we can and can't do with our bodies.  A woman who feels like she HAS to have boobs to be sexy is just as oppressed as the woman who feels like she HAS to defend why she'd like bigger breasts.  I shouldn't have to defend my decision.  I shouldn't be made to feel guilty for wanting larger breasts if I don't have a medical reason.

I dye my hair {pink!} and no one has issues with that or tells me I'm setting back the feminist movement or that I'm teaching young girls that they have to be blond to be beautiful.

I have my ears pierced and no one has issues with this "mutilation" or tells me I'm setting back the feminist movement or that I'm teaching young girls that they have to be pierced to be beautiful.

I wear make up and nice clothes and no one tells me I'm setting back the feminist movement or that I'm teaching young girls that they have to own fitted blazers and pencil skirts or wear MAC to be beautiful.

So what is it about breasts that necessitates I defend my choice?  Why can I be vain and dye, pluck, primp, pierce, ink, apply, curl, straighten, run, lift, diet, and dress myself without being labeled anti-feminist but the second I try to physically alter my breasts, I'm the anti-Christ of the feminist movement?

Shouldn't the fact that I'm owning my body--that I'm proactively making decisions with the help of my husband and doctors--shouldn't that be exactly what an empowered woman does?

I don't desire breasts because I think they will make me popular.  I don't desire breasts because I think they will change my outlook on life.  I don't desire breasts because I think that they'll make me look younger, make sex better, "save" my marriage, or boost my self worth.  But I do think breasts could help me be more comfortable in my own skin.  Is that so wrong?

What I think about breast augmentation is that it isn't for everyone but might be for me.  Maybe this will be the year of the boob, for me.  But whether I get boobs or not (or the reason why I get boobs or not) is really no one's damn business.

Have you had your breasts augmented?  Share!  Would you have your breasts augmented?  Share!  Would you rather lick a giraffe's tongue then have someone touch your ta-tas?  Share!

Thank you to Shell at Things I Can't Say for letting me vent my argumentative thoughts.


  1. Hahaha great post. Love it! I think you should go with whatever makes you feels good about yourself. Personally, I would have a boob job - well more like make them smaller actually. Almost all my girlfriends had at least teased me once about how lucky it is to be asian and have big boobs. Duh! Not so much. If I can be honest, I'd rather have them smaller. It's such a pain and I mean literally too - my back-pain is getting worst by the year and shopping for clothes in a country that adore petiteness is beyond frustrating. Ok rants off lol. I'm on the other side of your story but yeah, I'd have one too ;)

  2. I'm right there with you. If money were no issue, I'd get mine done, too. I'd probably also get a tummy tuck- three pregnancies stretched my belly to the point of no matter how much I lose, I still have that pouch.

    And I'd be doing it all for me, not to meet some sort of societal ideal. :)



    I'm one of the mouthiest, happiest, proudest feminists I know. And you know what? I have one child and after I was done nursing, I decided I wanted a boob job. Not implants, just a little lift and tuck. I don't give a shit if my husband would appreciate it or find me sexier. I don't want to be oogled on the street or suddenly be found "sexy" in the eyes of straight, college-aged males. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I used to love my perky boobs. Now they're not perky. They're pancake-y. I don't love them anymore. I deserve to love my body, and so do you.

    Now. How do we figure out a way to get insurance to pay for it?

  4. I love your reverse psychology.
    I also think we'd have gotten along in class. My thing is that I want smaller boobs. They hurt at this size, and ironically, because I hate my big boobs so much, I can completely understand where you're coming from in wanting larger ones. It IS a body image issue. It IS an issue of feeling comfortable in your own skin.

    Hope money is someday not an issue for you! We'll form the "unnaturally C cup coffee club" and invite all reductionists and increasifiers (I just made that word up). We'll wear our breasts proudly.

    But I don't think we'll strip. Because, you know. I don't want them to get to know my boobs THAT well.

  5. I'd totally have these babies lifted and plumped, if money weren't an option. And all this extra skin, yah...that'd go bye bye, too. It's all about how *I* feel in my body, and if I can get a little help, I'm all for it!

  6. I haven't and I probably won't, either, unless I were to have a mastectomy. I'm happy with my ta-tas the way they are. It wasn't always that way. Age has a lot to do with it. As I hit my forties, I became curvier in all the right places. When I was younger, I was too skinny.

    (visiting from Shell's site)

  7. thanks for your honesty reagan!
    i've thought about this very topic on many occasions. i've struggled with being so small and have toyed with the idea of getting a little increase. honestly, it is hard for me to separate my own desires from those shoved down my throat everyday by media. i question whether the only reason i desire to be larger is because the world has so brainwashed me, that i now believe that being "womanly" equates with having curves in all the right places. i guess i'm still exploring this.
    i worry that if i did get a boob job, my insecurities would remain and i still wouldn't feel "womanly" enough; after all it's the silicone, not me, looking womanly :( so i guess it's a good thing i don't have the money to invest into bigger boobs right now :)

    i just finished a study about psalm 139:13 yesterday. it was all about how incredible it is that God hand-crafted us exactly how we are. He didn't delegate my creation to another heavenly being but instead personally decided each and every feature i have, whether it be physical or not. i guess that includes my breast size :(
    (feel free to check out my blog post on psalm 139 and see what you think

    although i would like a bigger bust, would it be a slam to my Maker who invested His time, energy, and intention into creating me? something i need to think more about.
    thanks again reagan. appreciate your thoughts!

  8. If I had $ and time I would in a heartbeat.....

  9. While I'm not thinking about a boob job, I'd defintely get a tummy tuck & lipo in heartbeat. If that desire curtails my feminist card, then revoke it I say!At least we'll fit in our clothes better, right?

  10. Thank You so much for posting this!!!At one time i wanted a boob "refresher" too...not necessarily new ones, but I'd love if the old ones worked better! LOL...Maybe one day I will show my sons where they were, an where they are and they will offer to pay for a lift! After all, it's THEIR fault right??? LOLOLOLOL

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  12. Go for it girl. After four kids, my wife would like a bit of a lift up and perhaps a bit of a reduction. If I had the money, no problem. She would also like a tummy tuck and a chin lift. I know she isn't wishing these things for my benefit because I never have given her any reason. I may well be part of the reason for her wishes, but my only participation is to not judge her negative body issues and stand by her if the opportunity ever presents itself. At my age, I too could use a "higher" chest, smaller gut, less droopy eyelids, and less of a chin. Like most of us, I could start by losing 30% of my bodyweight, but that won't do much about the chin or eyelids and not likely raise my chest.

    I completely understand that you want to look like what you want to look like. I too own a distorted mirror. Surely that isn't me. If you want rounder, higher girls, go for it. Just watch out for nerve damage to the nipple area, a price you or hubby may not want to pay. On a sidebar, I can assure you, he is telling the truth when he says he likes them the way they are. But don't think he wasn't telling the truth just because he likes them a little better after the boob job. Better is better. What can you say. "I liked my house, but I like it better after the remodel, especially the bigger master suite." Same thing, well, sort of.

    When you pay off the car, keep it running with fixes and put aside the payments toward the surgery. At $300 per month it won't take long. "Too" long I am sure, but not that long. I'm sure you'll let us know about the progress. Do it for you because you want to, tell everyone else to buzz off. With hubby and the surgeon behind your decision, there should be no other opinions to consider


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