Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I Love: Resolution

Are you a Resolver?  Or Resolutioner?  Or whatever the word is that means you are a person who makes New Year's resolutions?  Well if so, stay tuned this week as I suggest 5 resolutions that I make (and keep) every year (with a twist, of course).

I resolve to read more books this year.

I love to read.  LOVE IT!  And yet, I rarely find time to do it.  Of course I'm reading constantly--newspapers, recipes, Guess How Much I Love You, e-mails, blogs, school work ... but I'm rarely reading what I WANT to read--a book of my choosing.

So this year, I resolve to read more books.  Of course this means reading only my favorite blogs.  Of course this means turning off my TV and picking up my book.  Of course this means not playing on my iPhone.  

The benefits of reading are far-reaching. I will reap the benefits this year.  My goal is to read 30 books (actual books of my choosing on top of school work and the aforementioned gunk) this year.  (I'll be documenting these books as I go so you are technically my reading accountability partner).

Tersea's Reading Corner is my go-to blog for book reviews, etc., and she has reading challenges posted. If you want a reading challenge for 2012, consider:

  • Reading the 100 most famous books this year (and probably next).
  • Reading 5 books that have to have specific words in the title (this year it's a celestial theme so words in titles must include star, moon, etc.).  
  • Doing an audio-book challenge (if you hate to read or commute).  
  • Setting a book number goal (like me) or a genre.  
  • Doing a reading challenge with children's books (my children and I are going to read 300 different children's books in 2012)

Read about potential challenges here and then leave me a comment telling me what your reading resolution is this year.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! You've listed some great challenge ideas here. I will be doing a challenge with my little monkey as well. Not sure how many books we're going to strive for. We read a lot last year. Mommy just never got around to typing the reviews.


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