Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I Love: Finding New Blogs

I don't have one of those ridiculously popular blogs and I'm okay with that.  I do like to read ridiculously popular blogs.  I also like to read little blogs that make me think.  Or laugh.  When I find a blog that really "resounds" with me, it kinda makes my day.

If that makes your day then let me make your day by suggesting a few blogs I just can't get enough of!


If you like:
A Holy Experience--This blog is UBER popular and penned by the author of 1000 Gifts.  This blog is encouraging. It is convicting.  It has beautiful pictures and lots of free stuff!

You should try:

Only a Breath--A real, honest exploration into living faith.

Real Life:

If you like:

Things I Can't Say--The famous blog who I link with every Wednesday.  Shell is totally down to earth.  Funny. Sad.  Amazing.  I totally relate to her!

You should try:

Naptime Notes-The not-as-popular but just as believable journey of a mom, wife, and woman.  I love her photography and the simple way she lives life and faith.


If you like--

Kbelleicious or Our Best Bites--two quintessential food blogs (not counting Pioneer Woman)

You should try--

Frontier Kitchen (okay, this isn't a new blog BUT it is my fave food blog.  Seriously.  Look at the comments.  I try everything!)

Budget Bytes--Good cooking, on a dime.  Excellent recipe for baked pumpkin oatmeal and the world's yummiest, fluffiest, pillowyest naan!


If you like:

The Good Life for Less--a popular fashion blog dedicated to helping you tackle the hottest trends on the smallest budget

You should try:

GS Lillian-Baubles and Babble (and she's not afraid of color!)  Oh, and she's also not a college student!


  1. Thanks for being my faithful taste tester! :)

    And I haven't had a chance to check them all out but I'm loving the GS Lillian blog. I'm reading style blogs like crazy these days so I can stay inspired to lose the baby weight. Because, let's face it, most everything looks cuter when you're a size 6 or smaller. :)

  2. Thanks, Reagan! :) ---I will have to check out the GS Lillian blog. :)

  3. Thank you SOOO much! This is honestly the nicest thing ANYone has ever said about my blog! Oh my goodness. To even be in the same sentence with Ann's blog is such an honor. Thank you!!!

    Melanie :)


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