Monday, January 2, 2012

Music Monday: Resolution

Are you a Resolver?  Or Resolutioner?  Or whatever the word is that means you are a person who makes New Year's resolutions?  Well if so, stay tuned this week as I suggest 5 resolutions that I make (and keep) every year (with a twist, of course).

I resolve to expand my musical tastes.

It should come as no surprise that I love music (mainly because I blather on about this fact weekly).  What I love most about music is how many different sound options and genres there are.  When I find a band that fits with a particular "mood," I'm ecstatic!  Since I have around 8,923 moods, there needs to be a lot of bands.  And a lot of genres.

This year, find some new bands.  Listen to Pandora to find a new sound.  Find an album you love in iTunes and scroll down to see what else listeners "bought."  Check through old issues of Monday Music to see if there's something there you didn't think you'd like but you actually love.  Or simply listen to these five songs and learn to love these five bands.

The Airborne Toxic Event (my absolute fave American Indie Rock band which is why I post about them four times a year).

In other news, did you notice how the drummer is Chester the Cheeta's doppleganger.  So awesome!

The Epilogues (a unique alt-indie sound)

Rooney (this is what I consider acceptable pop music)

Sick Puppies {Explicit} (Heavy rock with hot female bass player. Kill me now! So good live!)

Sia (Folk made fabulous {without Mumford and Sons})

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