Monday, January 9, 2012

Music Monday: Bon Iver

News flash.  I love indie music.

Phew.  I feel so much better after a confession.  Wait, you already knew that?  Ah shucks.  Now what?

How about if I confess to loving indie FOLK music?  Is that okay?  Will you still check my blog and think I'm amazing?  Oh good.

Then I confess.  I love Indie Folk Music!  Confession. Good for the soul.

Recently folk has been make popular by folk rock bands like The Avett Brothers or Mumford and Sons.  Both excellent, excellent bands.

But really, my folk heart belongs to Bon Iver.

Watch.  Listen.  You'll understand.



Flume (my personal fave!)

Hauntingly romantic, wouldn't you agree?

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