Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion: Resolution

Are you a Resolver?  Or Resolutioner?  Or whatever the word is that means you are a person who makes New Year's resolutions?  Well if so, stay tuned this week as I suggest 5 resolutions that I make (and keep) every year (with a twist, of course).

I resolve to wear color.

Are you guilty of wearing one dominant color?  Is black your thing?  Maybe you are like me and you tend to lean towards "earthy tones" (which is fancy talk for "I wear a lot of browns").  Go look in your closet right now.  Is there one color that dominates (and is it really a color or, as I suspect, a neutral)?

Anyone else think it's time we break out some color? Be bold--be daring!  It's easy to do if you know some color tricks!

Look at the color wheel below.

Okay, so hopefully we all remember that the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.  Secondary colors (which are made my mixing primary colors) are purple, green, and orange.  Color basics.  Check.

Now, how can you wear color? Here are 5 Easy Tips to wear color.

Go with a monochromatic look.  Monochromatic means "one color."  On the color wheel above, find one color--say blue-green. There are roughly 9 levels of blue green. You can mix ANY of these levels and look good.  They go. Trust me.
Rocking a monochromatic look.  Photo Source.

Wear complimentary colors.  Complementary colors are directly across the wheel from each other: Red/Green, Blue/Orange, Yellow/Purple.  Mix and match complimentary colors.  They go.  If you don't want to be too bold (like if you want to wear blue and orange but don't want to look like a Denver Broncos fan, move in on the color wheel.  Wear peach and cornmeal blue.  It works.)
So NOT a Bronco fan look!  Photo Source

Wear primary colors.  These are bold and look great together.  However, make sure you wear only 1-2 of the colors dominantly and one of the colors as a highlight or else you'll look like a clown.  For example, wear blue-jean shorts with a red top and a yellow belt or bracelet or a yellow dress with navy shoes and a red bag.  Another option is to wear softer versions of these colors: blue jeans, light blue top, maroon jewelry ...
A fellow 30/30er rocking the primaries.  Photo Source

If you must wear neutrals, make your neutrals pop!  Brown, gray, black and white are generally regarded as neutrals (though really gray is the "real" neutral).  You can pretty much make anything look hot with neutrals.  If you must wear a brown tank top and khaki capris, make it pop with an eggplant purple woven scarf and yellow shoes.  Add a dash of color with an accessory--it'll add some flare.  (Click this link to The Joy of Fashion for a brief tutorial on how to wear a pop of color!)
Photo Source


Really mixing patterns has nothing to do with wearing color but I threw it in here because if you really want to wear neutrals, a nice way to do it is to mix patterns.  Mixing patterns within the same color family really makes an outfit stand out.  Just make sure you read "the rules" so you don't end up looking like a sad 70's sitcom neighbor.
Mixing patterns adds so much drama here you might not even notice the solid neutral color scheme.  Photo Source

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  1. Hi!!! I just realized today that you linked me in this post! YIPPIE! I feel soo sooo special to see you liked my little tips of wearing pops of color. You have made my day with this post, thanks so much and keep up the great work!


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