Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Days of Play: Resolution

Are you a Resolver?  Or Resolutioner?  Or whatever the word is that means you are a person who makes New Year's resolutions?  Well if so, stay tuned this week as I suggest 5 resolutions that I make (and keep) every year (with a twist, of course).

I resolve to actively engage in intentional 
play with my children.

Playing can be fun.  But let's face it, playing with kids isn't always fun--not when you have to do lists to cross off, dinner to make, and volcano-sized piles of laundry to tackle before they explode and bury your family Vesuvius style. 

But your children need your time.  Yes, they need your random "let's play hide and seek seven minutes before bed time" time but they also need your QUALITY and QUANTITY time.  They need to know you planned something special for them.  They need to know you are sacrificing other "things" to spend time with them.  

So while I encourage you to find the time to play with your kids a little bit every day--coloring, making dinner together, etc., challenge yourself to plan ONE event a week with your kids that requires you to think about them and spend time with them very intentionally {kinda like how you should date your partner}.  

Consider a weekly family night, art project, science exploration, physical activity, or food-based fun. <--click those links for ideas or click "PLAYTIME" on the left side of this blog for more ideas.

Play with your children.  Intentionally.  When they are adults, they will thank you (like I thanked my parents!).

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