Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days of Play: Glowing Snowmen

I've already shared that I can never take down Christmas decorations fast enough.  But here's the catch.  Snowmen are not "Christmas" stuff.  They are winter stuff.  So sometimes, the snowmen plates and towels get left out until mid-February.

Seriously, it is WINTER people and in Wyoming, you can make snowmen in the winter.  Well actually, if we are going to get technical, I could share that it's been possible to make snowmen in Wyoming in June but then I digress.

Anyhow, reindeer and Christmas crafts are out and it's too soon for Valentine's Day heart crafts soooo, make a glowing snowman today!

My kids and I did this with cleaned out milk jugs, felt, a hot glue gun, and felt.  It took us under 15 minutes to make two and now the cute little things light up our home.  Awww.

Photo Source: Stuff by Ash

For directions, go to Stuff by Ash.

As a side note, I used felt, not paper.  I used lights on white strands, not green, just so you can't see the dark "insides", and I cut a small hole at the bottom of the back, rather than a big square.  That did make putting the lights in a bit harder BUT it's easier to hide the "point of entry"!

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