Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Days of Play: Family Movie Night

Growing up we didn't celebrate the holidays with much family.  Mainly because my mom's family is Canadian (and if there is anywhere you don't want to be in the winter it's "Friendly Manitoba".  BRRR! And I'm from Wyoming!) and my dad's family is ... dysfunctional.  And not the fun kind of dysfunctional.  The kind of dysfunctional that means you'd prefer to spend the holidays alone.  So we did.  Just the four of us: mom, dad, two kids.  Actually, it was really nice.

What we often did on Christmas day was go to the movies.  See my parents owned a video store (VHS!) so we'd go see what movies they needed to buy (plus, this family time was tax deductible).  Anyhow, one of my best Christmas Day movie outings was going to see Beauty and the Beast.  I know I'm really hard on Disney Princesses (a little critical thinking never hurt anyone) but if I had to pick my favorite princess, it would be Belle.

Did you know that Disney is re-releasing Beauty and the Beast in 3D this month?  YAY

Anyhow, if you can't make it to the movies, plan a movie night with Beauty and the Beast.

For dinner, keep it simple. Plan a tea and finger food feast!  Give your kids "real" tea cups to drink their tea out of, make different finger sandwiches (even PBJ), have baby carrots and hummus, etc.  You get the picture.

Then watch the movie.  Eat popcorn.  Duh.

After the movie, discuss these questions:
1.  Who in the movie was selfish?  How does selfishness affect the other people in the movie?
2.  In what ways does Belle see good in those who are "ugly" and see bad in those who are "beautiful"?
3.  What makes Belle a likable person?

For more information on family movie nights, or to get some Bible verses to go with the movie, click here!


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  3. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie. Belle is the most beautiful princess, in my opinion (inside and out.) My little girl happens to like her the most as well, but has never actually watched the movie, so we will be going to see it this Friday :)


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