Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Think About: 2011

All good things must come to an end {which is never more sad than when I take the last bite of cheesecake}.  Of course the bright side to that is all bad things must come to an end.  And thus, on that note, I say goodbye to 2011 which has pretty much been the hardest, most heart-breaking, and disappointing year of my life.

Bus catching fire. Surgery.  Those 2 weeks waiting for cancer results.  Lingering illness and then death of my mother.  The "how do you forgive yourself?" incident.  Prolonging my Ph. D yet another year (thanks to a difficult department head who thwarted my research) ... when I look through my pity-party sob story, I get pretty mad at 2011.  Of course I know the year didn't actually cause the problems.  It's just an innocent bystander.  Yet, it will serve as the whipping boy for all bad things in 2011.

Anyone else ever feel like giving 2011 the middle finger salute?

Now, before I get too down, I want to actually remember the beautiful things that happened this year.

I got to take my children to Cozumel.

I got my nose pierced

I had an up-n-coming hair designer practice on my hair.

I got to go to Las Vegas ...

... Two times

I got to drive go carts that went ridiculously fast

I got my kids in a photo with the cutest rabbit on earth

I got a new sister in law who is as delightful as she is beautiful

I got to articipate in a grime war

I got to watch my oldest friend at a Roller Derby bout

I got to see my four favorite friends become moms again (the 4th isn't in the photo BUT she adopted a newborn in October!)

Kid Rock, INXS, The Airbornne Toxic Event, Band of Horses, Motley Crue... so many fun concerts (not to mention getting to hang with one of our fave couples!)

Finding this old children's rhyme probably made my year.

I got to really say goodbye to my mom--never easy but so much harder for those who don't get to send their loved ones away "right".  

I have a big sister who is there for me.  There when it's good.  There when it's bad.  

I learned the moon phases by eating Oreos

For Halloween I got to be David Bowie from Labyrinth 

My sister and I got memorial tattoos for mom
I got to spend time on a secluded section of Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas

I got to shoot a hand gun

I celebrated another anniversary and Christmas with Matt.
Looking back on 2011 through pictures made me remember a quotation from my favorite Christmas movie of all time.  It's as if Clarence was speaking directly to me.

You see, Reagan, you've really had a wonderful life.

What I think about 2011 is it has been--hands down--the worst year of my life but God's hands and His blessings are evident--everywhere.  Even the worst was pretty good.  And that's what I call GRACE.


  1. You inspire me with your ability to see the positive. I am holding some pretty big grudges against 2011 as well, but I'm going to try to spend some time tonight thinking about what went right. Thanks, Reagan! And may you be blessed in 2012!

  2. Wow...I actually just read this. Thought I would catch up on your blog. It's been a while. Thanks for the shout out on the pictures! Really cool. Glad to have been a part of your good things of 2011...God knows 2011 can kiss my A$$ too. Derby love, friend! <3


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