Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I Love: Elf on the Shelf

Since we knew it was bound to be a tough holiday season, my sister and I have undertaken a search for new traditions to celebrate the season.  Not because we want to forget our mom but because we need to take this time of year, our mom's favorite time of year, and make it even more special.

Thus, we decided to do Elf on the Shelf.  Last year I shared that we don't do the whole Santa Claus thing at our house (you can read our reasoning here) but I decided to roll with Elf on the Shelf.

The skinny on Elf on the Shelf is this: an elf comes to your home and then watches children and gives Santa naught/nice reports on the kids in the family.

We are NOT doing this with our elf.

We explained to our children that our elf, Brownie, is here to add some humor and adventure to our days.  Like many people, our elf gets into trouble while we are sleeping and that's what the kids like--finding what "Brownie" has gotten into during the night.  It is pretty funny and I must say that Matt and I are having a blast finding "things" for our elf to get into.

So far our elf has:

  • made a mess in the craft closet in order to get crayons to color
  • gotten toothpaste all over the bathroom while trying to brush her teeth
  • spilled cocoa and marshmallows everywhere
I've been scouring Pinterest for other fun ideas.  Here are some of my favorites!


Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

Zip line (side note: my husband makes zip lines in our garage. So fun!)


Snow Angels:

Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

TPing the Christmas Tree (my personal favorite!):

M.E. knows this elf is not real and still knows there is no Santa but my goodness is she having fun with this elf thing.  And for some reason, it's making things around here--without mom--just a tad bit easier.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is adorable! I'll have to remember this for when Miss A is bigger! I need some new traditions for our little family!


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