Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things I Love: Arthur Christmas

The first time I saw a preview for Arthur Christmas, I wasn't convinced.  I wasn't convinced even though Arthur's voice is that of one James McAvoy.

If you've never been on this blog before--or if it has been a long time--you might not know that James McAvoy is one of my top two favorite actors.

Still, I wasn't even sure James could save a Christmas movie.  As much as I like him,  I still didn't think gNomeo and Juliet was brilliant so I didn't go to Arthur Christmas with much hope.

Now I rarely say this, mainly because it hardly ever happens, but I was wrong.


Arthur Christmas was about the most delightful Christmas movie I've seen in a long time--maybe even since ELF came out.

Here's what I loved about this movie:

  • There is like ZERO potty humor.  Yes yes, I know five year olds love to talk about poop but I get enough of that talk at the dinner table, I don't need it at the movies, too.  I was so delighted that there are no references to: poop, pee, diarrhea, farting, etc. 
  • The English accents.  I'm one of those gals who loves a good English (or Scottish. Or Irish. Or Kiwi) accent.  Imagine how thrilled I was when M.E. left the theater speaking in a King's English accent.  I'm still dying at the cuteness.
  • Arthur is not magical.  He isn't super smart.  He isn't "cool." He's the guy the elves make fun of.  But even though he's a bit on the strange side, he is good.  A movie that advertises that it's GOODNESS and KINDNESS and COMPASSION that matters?  What a novel idea ...
  • Though this movie is directed towards Santa believers (or those questioning Santa) and spiritual cynics, there is an incredible spiritual truth to this movie: every one matters.  As a good shepherd will leave 99 sheep to save one, so Arthur Christmas will stop at nothing to help one child.  And isn't that what it's all about?
  • My personal favorite line from the movie is this "There's always time for a bow."  Seriously, we get so wrapped up in the "stuff" of Christmas that it's easy to overlook the simple details that make this time of year so lovely--freshly fallen snow.  A smile from a stranger.  An extra day off work.  A baby in a manger.  There is always time for joy!
Here's what I didn't like about this movie:
  • There is some nuances of drinking in the family.
  • The grand-santa puts his family members down.  I realize this is a reality for many families and might help kids know that their family is "normal" but I don't think we should laugh at hurtful "normal" lest we "normalize" put downs and make kids feel like jabs and hurtful words are okay.
Overall, I loved this movie.  My kids loved this movie.  Matt loved this movie.  We'll own it for sure!

{On a totally unrelated note, today is my daughter's SIXTH birthday!  I'm tearing up just thinking about it.  What a privilege to mother and love such a wonderful child of God!}

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  1. Thanks for the movie review! We were thinking about going to this one with our son and now I have a better idea about what to expect.


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