Monday, December 26, 2011

Music Monday: Backnbloom

Electric violin.

You know that sappy, crappy line from Jerry Maguire "You had me at hello?"  Ya well, when Lori of Backnbloom introduced herself as the lead singer and electric violinist I practically shouted (in e-mail), "You had me at electric violin."

Have I mentioned I love electric violins?  Heck, I love violins electrified or not.  {Sigh}  How do I have no musical talent?  I blame my parents, really.  Them or my lack of "practice your instrument" discipline.

Self-pity aside, my hot husband and I sat down to give Backnbloom a listen and you know what?  We love the electro-pop duo.  While I normally like to give you a sound comparison--I simply can't with this band.  I mean, their sound is MGMT{ish} but so much more poetic ... more intricate and complex ... Really, I can't find a truly adequate comparison.

Do you know what this means (aside from the fact that I'm practically speechless and that hardly ever happens.  You should feel bad for my husby!)?  It means you need to watch this sick vid and get acquainted with BACKNBLOOM!

Total side note--How many of you think that video idea--the paint, the fun, should be a date night? Hello messy fun (that requires a couple's shower!)

Here's a live vid of Heed the Flashes (excuse me for saying this but Lori is like the cutest hot chick ever!)

Still want more? Check out Backnbloom on soundcloud.  My personal faves: The Feel and Start Again.

Of course if you are sold, go to BACKNBLOOM's website and buy their digital album Music for the Modern Monkey.  Honestly, I don't think your New Year's Eve music mix will be complete without a little something from Backnbloom.  Just sayin'.

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  1. Again, thank you so so much for writing about us!! So glad you both enjoy the music as much as we do making it!

    Hope you guys used water based paint ;-)


    Lori of Backnbloom

    aka. The Cutest Hot Chick


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