Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion Friday: New Year's Eve Ideas

It's probably time to start planning your New Year's outfit.

Too soon for you?  Well, it's not for me.

Anyhow, last year I encouraged you to simply shop your closet to put together outfits using what you've already got.  This year, I recommend the same thing {but with a twist.  Because I like twists}

Be inspired (and remember, these formulas are easy peasy steps to fashion success! You can do it!)

For the Casual Night (out or in)

One sweater + one BOLD necklace or scarf + skinny jeans/cords + boots + bag= ready to go (or stay--your call).

For the Edgy Night Out

Embellished top + vest/blazer + necklace/scarf + skinny pants + heels=ready to party--like a rock star

For the Sophisticated Night

Little Black Dress + notice-me-necklace/bracelet + pop of color heels + clutch + outerwear = On your way!


Color dress + statement jewelry piece + black/neutral heels + clutch + outerwear+ On your way!

Some signature ideas to consider:

It's a bling thing!  Sequins are everywhere from purses and tank tops to scarves and leggings--this season there's nothing that sequins can't cover.  Add a little drama (and sparkle) to your life with sequins!

Scarves are a hot way to look cool:

Wrapped, draped, knotted ... scarves are a simple way to add serious drama to any outfit.


But do me a favor and make it FAUX fur

Remember, New Years does NOT have to equal New Wardrobe! Go shop your closet with a formula in mind and get creative with what you've got.

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