Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashion Friday: Gift from a Fashion Victim

My dad is the sort of guy who wears black socks pulled up to his knees with Teva sandals all summer long.  But don't worry because he'll pair it with too-short shorts and a button down western shirt.  You laugh but I'm serious.  So serious I'm not laughing (much).

Suffice it to say, my dad is not fashion conscious.  I mean the man was still getting perms--yes you read that right--perms well into the early 90s (oh those lingering '70s!).  And just a few years ago we finally talked him into giving up his rust and pink suit (was there chest hair showing with this hot number?  You know it!).

Imagine my surprise in the winter of 1999 when I opened up a Christmas gift from the man fashion hates and found an amazing surprise--a red leather jacket.  It was awesome and fit like a glove.  I know this jacket wasn't overly expensive but I can tell you this, in the past 12 years this jacket has gotten some play!

That's me wearing it below in the outfit one person thought made me look like a pirate. I'm still not over that.

Uber cute--no?

Anyhow, leather is one of those statement pieces that kind of comes and goes.  And guess what?


Yes that's right.  Leather jackets made a splashing comeback this fall and I'd plan on having them stick around for a while.  From camel to black to mustard to red, leather adds oompf to any outfit.  And since you can find leather jackets anywhere from $30-$12,000, there's one well within your budget.  If my red leather jacket is an indication, than leather is one of those trend pieces that is never really out of style.

So if you are looking for a little trend item for your wish list, might I suggest of leather jacket?  Oh, but make sure it is fitted.

Want some style ideas?  Check out these sweet outfits I found on Pinterest.  Did you know I have a style board called NOW WEAR THIS on Pinterest?  True.  It's amazing I get any school work done.

Wear leather to work

Really. Work it (in a non-prostitute way).

Hot layers for cold days.

Chic when paired with a classic scarf

Fun for around town

If I was going to buy a leather coat today, this would be it!

Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

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