Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Days of Play: Ornaments

Tis about that time of year when you decorate the tree.

Or, you decorate it Novemeber 3rd. Whatever.

Regardless of whether you are a before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving tree decorator, there is no time better than NOW to make a sweet and nostalgic ornament with your kiddos.

Little Blots of Faith has a great manger ornament idea that is easy peasy. Click the links for step-by-step directions with photos!

Photo from Little Blots of Faith

Of course if you want to go super simple with your little one, you could try this reindeer ornament from Crafts for All Seasons.  Does anyone else wonder what we'd do without popsicle sticks?

Photo from Crafts for all seasons

Want a little challenge?  Yes, I consider working with children and glass a challenge BUT Full of Great Ideas posted a link to make a handprint snowman ornament.  Sooo adorkable!

Photo Source: Full of Great Ideas

Finally, if you are brave.  And I mean the kind of brave that will work with light bulbs and glitter with little kids, then you HAVE to make this ornament craft.  It's my favorite one this year.  Kelsey Bang has instructions posted so follow the link to that blog and make one of these (and then mail it to me.  Just a suggestion).

Photo Source Kelsey Bang

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