Friday, November 18, 2011

{Group} Date Night In: Minute To Win It

Last week my brother-in-law and I cooked up a surprise for my sister.  As in a surprise birthday party.  She came home from dinner with friends to a room filled with crepe paper, balloons, loved ones, screaming, and an air horn (blame the husband for that one).

While Jeff did an amazing job cleaning and organizing food and drinks, I was in charge of games.

Now some people might pull out Apples to Apples or Rock Band but that is not the way I roll.

For this party, we played Minute To Win It.  What I love about this is the games are super interactive, you can't help but laugh, and you probably have everything you need stuffed in a cupboard somewhere (unless, of course, your family doesn't use toilet paper).

We played a series of 5 games and then went into "The Skittle Round" where points were tripled.

We played:

  • Dizzy Mummy
  • Hanky Panky
  • This Blows
  • Blow Me (each player gets 1 minute to chew a piece of BubbleGum and blow the biggest bubble possible)
  • Balls in a Bowl--blind fold players--they have to scoop cotton balls into a bowl using a spoon and scooping motion (no scraping spoon along ground to find cotton balls)

For each of these games, the winner got 100 points, second place got 50 points, and all other teams got 25 points.

Skittle Round:

  • Game #1--Have a bowl full of Skittles, a spoon, and 5 Dixie Cups.  Contestants get 1 minute to sort Skittles into cups by color.  Team with the most sorted Skittles wins.  If a WRONG color goes into a cup, ALL Skittles in the cup go back into the bowl!
  • Game #2--Have one partner hold a Dixie Cup and another holds a bowl of skittles 5-10 feet away.  Contestant throws the Skittles to cup (person with cup CAN move it to catch the Skittles). Team with the most Skittles in a cup wins.
  • Game #3--One partner holds a cup 10 feet away from a table.  Other partner stands at table with bowl of Skittles and a straw.  Person must suck a Skittle onto the straw, run to partner, and drop Skittle into cup.  Team with most Skittles in the cup wins.
Skittle round points are tripled (300, 150, 75).

Whoever wins the Skittle Rounds gets an additional 100 points.

When we were finished playing we added up points and handed out prizes.
  • Last place team got hand sanitizer because they needed to "Clean up their act!"
  • The team with the best sportsmanship got chocolate for "Being so sweet."
  • First place team got gold Christmas ornament stars for being "The stars of the night."
  • Everyone else got a ball because we sure hoped everyone "Had a Ball!"
Gather your friends for some healthy couples Minute to Win It fun.  Losing is never so enjoyable (not that I'd know--Matt and I took first place!)


  1. i heart your fun date ideas! please do keep posting. thanks! :)

  2. Reagan, we used your Minute to Win It Skittles ideas tonight for a dinner party with friends and their three kids (and our three kids) and it was a HUGE hit! You are always so creative; I love your blog. Thanks for allowing me to steal your good ideas!


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